Let’s Lose Weight Fast in 2018

Happy New Year!!! I’m sure you are like me and want to make changes to our bodies in 2018 that we didn’t quite reach in 2017. My goal is to help you reach and exceed your goal. Let’s Lose Weight Fast!

Kim lost 150 pounds in 11 months by following a similar program!

Setting a Goal:

It’s difficult to come up with the right goal. Setting a goal is the #1 most important thing when it comes to reaching your potential. Setting a goal will help you lose weight fast!

My Rules On Goals:

  1. Must be challenging, but not impossible: It is important to sets goals that are challenging but not impossible. Averaging 1-2 pounds a week in weight loss for an entire year is challenging, but not impossible if you are overweight, however trying to lose over 100 pounds in 1 year can be extremely difficult.
  2. Cannot be too easy: A lot of people don’t have faith in themselves and will set goals that should be easy to obtain. One might be 150 pounds overweight and say they want to lose 20 pounds next year. That is only a little more than 1.5 pounds a month. Too simple goals do not challenge.
  3. Set Short and Long Term Goals: You want to set short and long-term goals. The short-term goals help you achieve your long-term goals. If I have a goal of losing 100 pounds in 2018, my goal should be: “I want to lose 100 pounds in 2018. I plan on trying to lose 30 pounds by April 1st, 60 pounds by July 1st, and 80 Pounds by October 1st. This would be a proper short and long-term goal.

Lose Weight Fast

Motivation Chart:

Stolen from Pinterest and mastered by Emily J. and Christina Holston, this motivation chart can help you reach your goals. In the above example, Amy currently weighs 171 and wants to weight 122. This is roughly 50 pounds during the year. She has set goals and rewards along the way. Once she hits 160 pounds she will order herself a new cell phone case. Once she hits 140 pounds she will buy herself a new purse, and so on. The motivation chart combined with appropriate goals will help you smash your goals in 2018.


Diet is 90% of the equation to losing weight. You cannot out workout, or out supplement, a bad diet. No matter what you hear or read, dieting is simply the most important aspect of losing weight.

Dustin’s Rules on Dieting:

  1. Throw Away the Snacks: Snacks are evil. Temptation will ruin your diet faster than anything.
  2. Convince your Family to Join in your Healthy Goals: Teach your kids healthy options now so they don’t make mistakes you made in the future. It is nearly impossible to stick to a diet if you don’t have the support of your family.
  3. Increase Protein: Protein is the single most important macro-nutrient to help with weight loss. It builds lean muscle, keeps you full, and doesn’t spike blood sugar! If you need a good protein shake, I suggest Level-1 by 1st Phorm. Order now with free shipping. 
  4. Decrease Pop: Water should be your best friend. If you absolutely need a soda, convert to diet, and try to drink less than 2 a day.
  5. Increase Water: Shoot for 120 ounces of water a day. Water is the best diet “pill” you can swallow. Water increases the metabolism and decreases appetite.
  6. Decrease Carbohydrates: There are simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs should only be ingested post workout to help rebuild muscle. Simple carbs can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, and excess water weight. I suggest dieters to try to limit their carbs to 100 grams a day.


Working out is the 2nd most important thing to dieting in the equation. It equates to about 7% of the weight loss equation. Working out doesn’t literally mean going to the gym. Walking, jogging, playing, hiking, etc. all counts as working out. Working out with weights though is scientifically the best way to lose weight fast, even more than cardio. This is because it builds lean muscle that burns fat at rest. Yes, if you build lean muscle, it will help you burn fat while resting. Cardio is outstanding also, however I caution everyone to try to workout with weights 3-5 days a week.

Do you need a workout? Check these out! Link to Free Workouts


Sleep makes up the last 3% of losing weight fast. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is essential for the body to function at its highest performance. Without proper sleep, your body’s cortisol levels will rise, which will make weight loss extremely difficult. Make sure that you are setting aside enough time to sleep!


Do you need supplements to lose weight………. NO! Supplements are great though for helping you reach your goals. I have had clients lose 50 pounds without touching any supplement, but I’ve also had a client lose 150 pounds in 11 months with supplements.

Supplements help “supplement” our diet for something that it is lacking.

Here are Dustin’s Approved Supplements for 2018:

  1. A quality Multi-Vitamin: I suggest two products to ensure that you are getting all the veggies, superfoods, and vitamins and minerals needed: M-Factor Goddess/Hero and Opti-Greens 50. Both of these products will help you hit the minerals and vitamins milestones that your body needs, and also help you with digestion, weight loss, energy, probiotics, and more. Order M-Factor Goddess/Hero with Free Shipping! Order Opti-Greens 50 with free shipping!
  2. Royal 21 King or Queen System:

    Royal 21 is a potent fat burner that also helps control hormones, increase metabolism, decrease appetite, even reduces stress and helps you sleep. It is my #1 suggested weight loss supplement.
    Royal 21 Queen System Free Shipping Link                  Royal 21 King System Free Shipping Link

  3. Level-1 Meal Replacement Shakes: Level-1 is the best meal replacement shake I’ve ever tried. Many of my clients refused to do meal replacement shakes because of the taste, but have been converted because of the awesome taste of Level-1. It comes in a variety of flavors, and more importantly, has a great nutrient profile that keeps you full. I have a Level-1 shake and a banana for breakfast each morning and it keeps me full!  Level-1 Meal Replacement Shake Free Shipping Link
  4. Fish Oil:

    Whether you buy the superior quality fish oil from 1st Phorm (Full Mega) or another fish oil, I’d take at least 2000 mgs of Fish Oil a day. Fish Oil helps relieve inflammation in the body that improves heart health, joint health, and may help in weight loss.

  5. Post Workout Stack: After your body lifts weights, it goes through a period of rebuilding/repairing muscle. If you screw this up, your results will be skewed. Your body needs easily digestible whey protein isolate and glucose (simple carbs) to rebuild and repair muscle. The Post Workout Stack from 1st Phorm helps you achieve this goal with a shake that tastes amazing!  Post Workout Stack Free Shipping
  6. Pre-Workouts: Pre-Workouts aren’t necessary for gains, however here are a few pre-workouts that have science-backed studies that show improvements in muscle, strength, and energy. Project-1 is a pre-workout that has scientific backed dosages of some of the best products in nutrition science. Project-1 has everything you need to increase focus, energy, and strength in the gym. It is my favorite pre-workout product. Order Project-1 with Free Shipping! Another great pre-workout is AlphaCre HD. The benefit of AlphaCre HD is that it is has no caffeine. This makes for a great product if you are working out late at night! Order AlphaCre HD with Free Shipping.  



If you want to lose weight fast it is possible by setting goals, eating the right foods, exercising, and get quality sleep. Supplements can help you get to your goals faster with proper planning.


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Thank you for Reading,

Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

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