Do It Yourself Body Wraps

There is a get rich phenomenon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about buying, using, and selling Body Wraps. You will see pictures of people before and after showing “shocking” results and bragging about the weight they lost.


How Body Wraps Work:

Body wraps dehydrate the area around the wrap. The lotion in the wrap smooths your skin and makes cellulite decrease. You may hear this being a permanent fix if you keep buying expensive wraps and lotions, but unfortunately this may or may not be true.

Body Wraps, A Big Disappointment?

Although you may or may not see permanent results from body wraps, it still can be useful. If you wanted to fit into jeans that are a little too snug, get ready for a pool party, or want to impress your lover then these wraps can be useful.

Team Nutrition Trains Cheap DIY Body Wraps:

Instead of paying someone money for these wraps, make them yourself!

What You Need:

  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Lotion
  • Cling Plastic Wrap
  • Ace Bandage


#1: Put Vitamin E Oil and Lotion on the problem area. Do not worry about using too much.

#2: Wrap the Cling Plastic Wrap around your body at least 3 times.

#3: Wrap Ace Bandage around the plastic wrap.

#4: Wear for 45 minutes- 1 hour. Wear it while doing dishes, cleaning house, etc.

#5: Take the wraps off, get into shower and clean.

Summary: You should see a more toned area, and may even see a few pounds of weight loss from sweat.


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Be Healthy My Friends,

Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


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