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Micro Factor by 1st Phorm is an all in one vitamin pack that provides you everything you need when it comes to health: antioxidant, essential fatty acids, COQ10, fruits and veggies extract, probiotics, and a multivitamin. Priced individually these items could cost you up to $150.00 a month, however 1st Phorm provided the utmost quality at a cost you could afford.

Micro Factor

The Best Multivitamin Ever?

Who Needs Micro Factor by 1st Phorm?

It is great for anyone looking to improve health. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose weight, or increase overall health, Micro Factor will help with all. Ingredients in this multivitamin pack can help improve immune system, decrease inflammation, improve cholesterol levels, improve concentration and energy, and much more.

Can You Take It With Other Supplements?

Yes! You can take it with almost any other 1st Phorm supplements. If you are looking to lose weight, you can take it with the Royal 21 family of supplements. If you are trying to gain muscle you can combine with the Post Workout Stack. This product is very well versed with any stack.

Where Can I Buy Micro Factor?

You can buy Micro Factor with free shipping at: https://1stphorm.com/products/multi-vitamins/micro-factor?a_aid=NutritionTrain or click here to go directly. By clicking the link you will get free shipping on it and any other products by 1st Phorm!


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